Online account set-up you can begin ordering background checks pending Proliant approval typically same day

Proliant has partnered with General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) and its affiliate, backgroundchecks.com, to provide the best in class background checks. backgroundchecks.com has made the account registration process and background report ordering process simple, fast and very cost effective –
It’s all done online!
backgroundchecks.com offers
  • Specially designed program for all Proliant clients
  • Ability to request background checks and view results online
  • By participating in the Proliant program, you will receive significant cost savings!
  • Live Customer Service Support
Proliant Background Check Services
  • County Criminal History Searches*
    (plus applicable court fees)
  • Federal Criminal History Searches*
  • Statewide Criminal History Searches*
    (prices vary by state)
  • US OneSEARCH (Nationwide Instant Criminal Search)
  • US OneTRACE (SSN Trace/Name and address history report)
  • National Sex Offender Registry Search – Included with US OneSEARCH
  • OFAC Terrorist Watch List Search – Included with US OneSEARCH

To begin the account registration process please click on the “Register” button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

You will need to supply your Proliant Customer Account Number (please provide this in the Company Web Address field) as well as your Proliant Client Contact Information (The person in your company authorized to discuss payroll issues with Proliant). If you are not a Proliant customer please contact Proliant via email at cbarnes@paydayusa.com or call 770-395-6615 to discuss how to become a client with a Proliant representative. Once you have submitted your registration you will receive a message confirming receipt and your account will become active pending Proliant approval.

Payment for these services will be impounded from the same bank account that Proliant currently impounds funds for your payroll processing services. The impound will occur at the the end of each month and you will be supplied with a detailed invoice of the charges from Proliant.

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